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Physics and Biology in Medicine (formerly Biomedical Physics) is an interdisciplinary graduate program in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA. Faculty and students in the program are involved in Biomedical Research in Radiological Imaging and Therapy that operates at the intersection of traditional disciplines. In addition, it requires interdisciplinary teams of scientists with backgrounds in:

  • Biology or its subspecialties (e.g. molecular biology, etc.)
  • Chemistry or its subspecialties (e.g. biochemistry, etc.)
  • Physics or its subspecialties (e.g. medical physics, biophysics, etc.)
  • Mathematics or its subspecialties (e.g. computational methods, simulation, etc.)
  • Engineering or Computer Sciences or any of their subspecialties (e.g. biomedical engineering, nuclear engineering, etc.). 

The program is primarily aimed at students who wish to pursue the Ph.D. degree and offers training in four specialties:

The Physics and Biology in Medicine IDP is also a Home Area within the broader Graduate Program in Bioscience (GPB).  There are ten different Home Areas in GPB, each consisting of an interdepartmental group of faculty and students with shared interests in research areas and approaches.  The interdepartmental Home Areas provide in-depth, cutting-edge training for Ph.D. students and a wide variety of outstanding faculty research programs for Ph.D. training.  Home Areas are integrated under GPB, which coordinates common activities and allows students to move between Home Areas under appropriate circumstances to best pursue their research interests.  In these ways, GPB fosters interdisciplinary, collaborative research training aimed at breaking through major boundaries in basic and biomedical biosciences.

At the David Geffen School of Medicine, we believe that the core values of diversity and inclusion are inseparable from our institutional goals. DGSOM leadership is committed to fostering an environment that celebrates the unique backgrounds, contributions, and opinions of each individual. (Please click here for the full statement on diversity and inclusion.)



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